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online copywriter and graphic designer fitz'n'jammerAttract & Hold Fast…

…The Attention of Your Visitors

At Fitz’n’Jammer our dream is to provide clarity from the first contact to the last click. 

Our engagement marketing campaigns are designed to increase:

  • Your online visibility…
  • Your click-through rates…
  • And the loyalty of your visitors and customers…  

Because, after all, is your message really getting out there?

Words are the building blocks of communication – clear communication builds engagement – and engagement is the best form of long-term marketing.

Are people really hearing what you want to say?  Sadly, the answer is usually “no”.  In today’s world of busy technology and moment-by-moment updates, worldwide, your message has to make an impression in seconds

So make that impression.  Make a splash.  Walk out into the world of competitive marketing and do it with confidence and style.  After all, why not? 

You don’t have to face hours of internet research.  You don’t have to search for just the right words that will please the great gods of google and still capture the attention of us ordinary mortals.  You don’t have to write, edit, rewrite, fine-tune, and lay out all those pages of copy.

You have us.  Fitz’n’Jammer: Online Marketing & Design

If you want to get started, or just have some questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

It’s Time to Make Your Worst Business Bane Work for You!

  Whether you absolutely hate to write, or you just don’t have the time, we’re here to pick up the slack.  We love words – and everything to do with them.

Leiajoy attracts the attention of visitors by creating clear, beautiful web pages, emails, and letters.  Suzanna’s copy holds that attention fast – creating loyal customers.

Writing words, editing words, rearranging words.  And, of course, designing how words are going to appear to your visitors and potential customers. 

Every part of the online marketing process fascinates us, from that first contact to follow-up. 

  • Creating fascination with one look at a great homepage
  • Providing relevance on vital secondary (category) pages
  • Pressing out that last bit of salesmanship to create a valuable sales/signup page
  • Ensuring links are ready and viable
  • Staying fresh in their minds with vibrant and useful follow up campaigns


Suzanna Fitzgerald

web writer fitz'n'jammer engagement marketingIs the resident web writer and photographer with Fitz’n’Jammer.  She is a young and passionate writer with more than 15 years professional writing experience.

Her credits include writing hundreds of essays, publishing short stories and one novel.  She has also written multiple original blogs and web pages. 

She specializes in creating clear and usefully engaging web pages and marketing campaigns for B2C creative companies.  She generally defines these to be any company that:

  • Creates Beauty
  • Excites the Imagination
  • Inspires Greatness

Companies that fall into this niche are publishing companies, cooking, photography, video games & entertainment, travel, certain education platforms (especially history), and more.

Suzanna utilizes the four-legged writing stool to create solid, memorable web packages to help your company present more information in a more cohesive and engaging manner, as well as greatly boost click-throughs, subscriptions and sales.  

15 Years of Telling Stories…

Suzanna discovered her passion for fiction at the age of nine, when the Black Stallion exploded off the pages and told her that real people write books.  Since then she has written thirteen full length novels, published one, and gained years of invaluable experience in research. 

Fun Fact

Suzanna loves taking nature photographs.  One of the few things that can pull her away from her computer during prime office hours is the lure of the early morning mountains and dew-laden flowers.


After the age of twelve she designed most of her own homeschool curriculum, has been a secretary for a neighborhood crusade, written hundreds of essays, and learned how to convert her novels into screenplays. 

Her reading interests cover all genres, including philosophy. 

Her writing has covered fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, contemporary mystery, comedy romance, and next generation action adventure.  With one novel published and twelve more completely written – all more than 100,000 words, you can understand why Suzanna claims:

“Under any circumstances I am a prompt and proficient, indeed – nearly a prolific – writer.  I enjoy learning new things and applying them in new ways.”

…Why Not Let Her Tell Yours?

You can learn more about Suzanna and her work in the Services Section…and view samples of her work in the Portfolio Section.


Leiajoy Fitzgerald:

graphic designer fitz'n'jammer clarity engagement

Is our lovely graphic designer. 

She takes care of that one very important factor in any successful marketing campaign – she makes sure that people can actually read your message!

Clarity engagement marketing means nothing if it isn’t:

  1. Clearly and beautifully legible…
  2. Enhanced with meaningful and useful graphics…
  3. Lit-up with well-placed and relevant photos…
  4. Easy to skim…

It may sound strange, but restructuring a body of plain text into something that can be quickly skimmed is one of the best ways to impress and satisfy your online web visitors.  And that simple-seeming magic is exactly what Leiajoy does. 

Leiajoy attracts attention by applying her bright, vibrant personality to filling in the lines…making a boring picture come alive with life and color. 

Fun Fact

Leiajoy is an excellent home-taught masseuse. 

She is also a custom logo designer and enjoys projects from easy to intermediate. 

Leiajoy’s passion for art is combined with her meticulous attention to detail.  Hours of nit-picky work?  That’s her specialty.  And that’s why she’s great at what she does. 

A lot of her design ideas come out in the form of make-up, which takes shape on her – or her sister’s – faces.  This, of course, leads to long hours of photography sessions. 

When she’s not helping to create gorgeous images and terrific content, Leiajoy can often be found listening to music, watching too many “Top 10” videos, or chilling with a good book.

You can learn more about Leiajoy and her work in the Services Section…and view samples of her work in the Portfolio Section.

Take your passion online the right way – with clarity engagement marketing

Are you worried about how your carefully constructed copy is appearing to the world? 

Whether we are talking about emails, PPC ads, web pages, or old-fashioned ink-and-paste letters, the visual is just as important as the content.

And we are here to make content that visually and conceptually will…

…Attract & Hold Fast…

…the attention you need.

After all, nothing is more important than getting your message out there

Ready to Attract Attention?