Questions And Answers

Questions & Answers

We know that vetting professionals online is a tricky and sometimes even a frustrating process.  Without being able to see, hear, and interact with people you can be unsure of who they really are…and what their level of competence might actually be!

All the same, we hope that the Fitz’n’Jammer website experience has been a positive one for you.  (Please tell us about it, and about how we can improve it.)

And we realize that, if you were here in person, you would want to ask us some questions.  Maybe they would be something like:


How Will Fitz’n’Jammer Help Me?


How will you help us achieve our best results?

We will listen. 

Yes, we will actually take the time to listen.  Why?  Because we really care.  We really want to know what your best results are.  Then we want to formulate a plan of action to help you meet them. 

Of course, a lot more comes after that.  Hard work, business ethics, creativity, application of best practices, meticulous care, fine-toothed combing, follow-up testing, etc.

But it really comes down to listening.  We want to know what your best results are, and we believe that because we know them, we will be able to get you those results.

What does clarity engagement marketing actually mean?

One of the definitions for engagement is to; “attract and hold fast.”  We take that to mean that we are attracting and holding fast attention.  That’s the attention of your web browsers, who are also your potential customers. 

The clarity part simply means distilling that attraction, boiling it down to the basics and laying it out so that it’s simple to read and easy to understand. 

The best part of being online marketers is that we are creating an environment that isn’t annoying, or off-putting.  We’re really not doing anything complicated (although it actually is a professional art). 

We’re simply developing a presence that will appear effortless.  And on your part, it may as well be.  You’ve already put in the effort of creating, or developing, or selling, a creative product.

Why not let us do the legwork and create a marketing campaign that will carry you to great results?

Does my web presence really need a clarified marketing campaign?

  • No question about it.

Because we specialize in the B2C creative markets, we understand that we are serving highly creative and imaginative people.  And we also know that creative and imaginative people tend to be a little vague.

Sometime bright creativity can come at the cost of having too many ideas.  Sometimes being imaginative means you’re not the best communicator.

So we do it for you.  We bring all that creativity; beauty, passion, and energy down to its simplest – and most marketable – forms.  Then we present it using best practices for the web.

Out of passion we create:

  • SEO campaigns that don’t annoy human readers…
  • Presentations that are easy to follow – and guide readers along the path you want them to take (usually to a sales or subscription page)…

Out of beauty we create:

  • Attractive web pages including homepages, landing pages, category pages, blog posts, and sales pages…
  • Smooth-flowing and compelling graphic design…

And out of energy – well, we just make sure that the energy keeps flowing through the copy, the pictures, the graphics, and the call-to-action buttons. 

Tell us what interests you most about your freelance business…

We freelance because we love to communicate.  We love words and pictures, and we genuinely enjoy helping companies explore and expand their online reach.

Suzanna is also a novelist – and over the years has tried her hands at most kinds of writing.

We write, design, and market for the web because it’s fascinating. 

The correlation between images…words…content…ease-of-access…ease-of-use…and the testing that connects and enhances all those elements.

We create a homepage, and then we go down through the layers of your website to make sure that everything is connect, vibrant, and relevant. 


What are Fitz’n’Jammer’s Services?

Fitz’n’Jammer doesn’t just provide freelance writing, designing, or photography services.  Rather, we clarify passion to create *engagement.  We create marketing campaigns that are focused on the easiest way (online) to draw in clients using these three service:

  • Online Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography

*Engagement marketing is also known as inbound marketing

What is online copywriting?

The term “online copywriting” – or web writing – is a little deceptive.  There is so much more to it. 

Online copywriting is writing content for your website.  It is creating the flow, appearance, and information of your online presence. 

However, involved in know what words to write are all these other steps.

  1. Online Marketing Strategy

Website Analysis

In-depth analysis and painstaking research is a crucial piece of creating a valuable website.  Rather than just looking at the site or the job requirements, we will perform a thorough review of your website. 

  1. Website & Content Writing and Rewriting

Home & Category Page Creation/Revamp

Secondary & Landing Pages (sales/subscription pages, evergreen pages, product pages)

Social Media Relevance

Search Engine Optimization

  1. Continued Communication Management




What [Suzanna] is the toughest topic you’ve ever had to write about, and how did you still manage to create an effective piece of content? 

Without a doubt it was trying to create a quality blog post for a client regarding a review about various mobile gaming apps. 

I do not use a mobile device myself, (yes, I know, I’m behind the times.)  The assignment confused and bewildered me.

I contacted the editor and explained that I was having difficulty with the piece and it might take me over the deadline – and also that I wasn’t willing to guarantee the quality.

I offered to turn the piece over to another writer; but she declined.  I spent quite some time working over the piece, doing a great deal of online research, and eventually created a blog article that was accepted and – it seems – provided the quality content that was needed!


What is graphic design?

In the most basic sense graphic design is simply designing the body of your content to a pleasing and readable appearance.

It means that:

  • Headings are clearly legible and attractive
  • Body text is easily read and well-laid-out (but can be skipped without lessening the click-through quality of the page)
  • Included graphics add quality and value, as well as draw the eye through the page and increase the chances that your visitors will do what you want them to
  • Photos add value and long-lasting positive impressions of your site.

Part of the ‘graphic’ part also includes:

  • Original logo design
  • Custom high-quality photography
  • Photography cleaning services
    1. Which is where we take a photo you have and run it through professional filters until it reaches high-quality appearance.

What [Leiajoy] do you love most about graphic design, (and what is your greatest challenge)?

Without a doubt I enjoy the visual side the best.  Especially in photography and cleaning up photography.  This comes easiest to me – and I often get lost on my tablet, running photos through the process, rocking out to my music.  (So happy.)

The greatest challenge is the actual page layout, which I find ironic since that is the biggest part of what I do.

Struggling to find my pace and get constantly better helps me to hone my skills, and practice, coupled with experience, helps me to overcome this particular challenge. 

What is your best guess as to what previous clients honestly felt were your strengths, weak points, and overall performance? 

Most clients we have worked with comment on our attention to detail…and the resulting smoothness of the finished work. 

Each piece begins as an idea – but it will run through dozens of filters:

  • Marketing plans
  • Specialty knowledge
  • Even SEO qualifiers

…Before we even take it to the editing process. 

Enhancing this is Suzanna’s proficiency in English, her experience in creative writing, and her prolific writing rate.  Finally Leiajoy finishes off each piece by examining it to make sure that text is laid out properly, quotes are in their proper places, etc. 

Overall we would rate our general performance as good (at least) to excellent (always). 

In the event that a piece does not measure up to your expectations, we will try to perform a rewrite as quickly and painlessly as possible. 


Why Fitz’n’Jammer?

Because of our message

Clarity engagement marketing is the art of clarifying passion to create engagement.  Engagement is the best long-term – and most painless – strategy for marketing yourself, your website, and your business. 

Basically, engagement attracts attention…and clarity engagement holds it fast.

Why are you listed as an online marketing and design company – instead of a writing and design business?

Well, we tried that.  We really did.  But this is the new and improved Fitz’n’Jammer – bringing you everything that we have learned and experienced.

And what we learned is that you don’t really need a “writing” campaign – or even a “design” campaign.  What you need is marketing.

You’re not trying to write a novel, or get your web browsers to read every single word you produce.  You’re trying to get:

  • Web browsers to click on your site – via the homepage, articles, or social media.
  • Site visitors to turn into customers.
  • Customers to come back, and turn into loyal, repeat customers.

So while you need writing and design to achieve these goals – what you really need is marketing. 

And it would be best if your marketing took the least amount of effort possible – and still produced the best possible results. 

What is the highest priority in any marketing campaign you produce?

Your potential customers. 

Yes – we care deeply about you.

Yes – creating a marketing campaign that will generate you great results is a high priority.

Yes – we are aiming to achieve your best results.

Engagement – or inbound – marketing works because it is never about you, it is about your potential customers.  It is about the kind of love and respect that puts other’s needs above your own.

And that’s why it works!

But we’re not writing for you.  We’re not designing a web page for you

You won’t be visiting your own website with fresh eyes all the time.  You don’t need value from your own website – you already have it all.

We write, design and optimize for the same people who are going to use it.  Your potential customers. 

We are creating a web experience that is best for them.  We are creating web pages that appeal to them.  We are creating content that provides them with value.  We are optimizing SEO so that they can get where they want to go.

What is the significance of your logo?

The big cats represent the skills and services we offer. 

The Tiger:

  • Online Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Freelance power

The Lion:

  • Photography
  • Overall attractiveness
  • Dedication to team spirit

The Leopard:

  • Graphic Design
  • Clever planning
  • Graceful flow and presentation

Harnessed together these services, or big cats, bring power, speed, strength, and endurance to bear upon your vehicle – or your marketing campaign. 

You can read all about how and why we chose the troika as the vehicle to represent our message, and our dedication to your results on another page. 

But, if you are more curious about why we first thought of the troika, and what emotional significance it has to us – here we go!

The Untold Backstory

In the best tradition of Americans – our recent heritage is from another country, and another time, entirely.

Our mother’s family came from Russia; the steppe-land of the Ukraine, to be precise.  Both sets of her grandparents belonged to a sect of Christians known as Mennonites.  (They are somewhat similar to the Amish.)

Under Stalin the Mennonites, who were pacifistic farmers, were turned off their land.  In many cases they were butchered by the thousands.  They had fed Russia, and Europe, for the last centuries, and now they were worse than trash.

Our great-grandparents were among those with the will and the courage to escape.  Fleeing across the ocean with little more than the clothes on their backs and young children in their arms, they came to America and Canada to start again.

They taught their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to value the freedom that the New World provided.  They taught us to have hope – to have a great work ethic – and to always try new things, to be unafraid of the future. 

Their courage, their suffering, and their hope are the very reasons that we are alive today.  They are the very reason that we chose to help others achieve their dreams.  And those are the qualities that we hope to bring not only to our business – but to yours.  Hope, passion, courage, and an appreciation of simple beauty and graces. 

In the end, that is where the troika came from.  A vehicle that was much used where our great-grandparents came from.  A vehicle that was practical, fast, and beautiful.  A vehicle that offered protection – and remains a romantic piece of an amazing past. 


When Can I Expect Results?

As soon as you contact us!

Quality in your web presence, in your engagement strategy, and in your entire presentation to the public can never be started too soon.  If you don’t get started – you won’t ever finish.  So by taking that first step of talking to us, you are already committing to a program of excellence and improvement.

Fitz’n’Jammer strives to create quality in everything we do – so we hope to give you something valuable out of every contact, from reading our website, to discussing strategy in emails, to phone conferences, to the delivery of your finished campaign.

More practically, however, we have a very specific process in place for prioritizing your needs and customizing your marketing campaigns.

  1. We talk to you and find out what you need. (If you already know exactly what you need, and have budgeted the project, then you can skip the rest of the steps.)
  2. We critically analyze your website (or newsletter/social media connections/blog) and find where it is already strong, and where it needs some work.
  3. We come up with a plan of action:
    1. We estimate how much work is needed, and how long it will take…
    2. We formulate a reasonable deadline…
  • We create a line-item estimate (generally accurate to a penny of the final cost) …
  1. We begin work.
  2. We finish.
  3. Then we follow up:
    1. A/B split testing for optimization…
    2. Newsletters and blog posts for continued engagement…
  • And we stay in touch with you – just in case you need us again in the future…

When have you missed a deadline (it happens), and what caused you to miss it? 

The last deadline we missed was our own deadline – to finish launching the first version of this website (over a year ago, now). 

Some of this was due to inexperience, as we had never launched a website before we found some of the technical aspects very confusing and made a couple of time-costly mistakes.

The largest issue by far was perfectionism.  We have an inbuilt reluctance to turn in anything but our very best work.  While this is an asset in the quality control department, it does sometimes cost us a few extra days to finish a project.

As regards our clients we are extremely deadline conscious.  So far we are very proud to say that we have never missed a client deadline. 

You can always be sure that if it comes to sacrificing a deadline – we will choose to put off our own internal goals and deadlines, rather than missing yours.


Where Will I See the Greatest Return for My Investment?

Where you need it. 

That is one reason that we will always start off our conversations by asking what your best results are.

Usually this will take the form of increased traffic, improved click-through rates, and long-term customer loyalty.

Depending upon the popularity of your business or service it might also include better search engine ratings, better customer interaction, and more online comments. 

How do you project results for a customized package?

We have an equation:

Your best results + Your Needs =

Great Results


Our application of proven best practices

Results will be as individual as your needs and the projects that they are applied to.  But with this equation, we believe that you will see some (excellent) results.

Do you have a guarantee?

We do not guarantee 100% results. 

  • Web writing and marketing applies directly to the most fickle human audience imaginable. And while it’s hard to imagine a situation where the best practices and most courteous guidelines don’t create great results – it has been known to happen. 

We do guarantee that:

  • We will give you our best effort
  • We will apply proven best practices to each and every project
  • We will test, optimize and follow-up with each project
  • We will give you complete honesty, always
    • If, for some strange reason, our best practices don’t produce measurable – if not stunning – results, then we will tell you. And we will do our best to figure out why

We do guarantee that we will work as hard as we can to get your website functioning at its very best capacity. 

Ready for Attention?