The 3 Parts of Our Marketing Team


Put Your Website in Fitz’n’Jammer Hands for Clear Results

Here at Fitz’n’Jammer we provide three very distinct services that all work together to serve your needs:

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Online Copywriting

…also known as web writing…

Text tells visitors who you are and what you are offering, and it also helps the search engines to find you.

Well written, conversational, and engaging copy that is specifically engineered to fit the purpose of each and every page of your website is essential.

Our online copywriting program takes it a step beyond providing a few spot checks and cover-up jobs.  (Although if that’s what you’re currently in need of, don’t hesitate to ask!)

More likely, though, you are in need of a fully functional engagement marketing plan that is sustainable for months – and possibly even years – to come.

From headings…to subheads…to sheet copy…to sales and subscriptions…to captions and ALT text…to newsletters and auto-responders…

The copy and content that your website runs is perhaps the single most vital aspect of your entire business.


Fitz’n’Jammer’s writer – Suzanna – doesn’t pretend to know how the fancy advertisers in New York City do it.

She doesn’t have to.

She knows how to talk to real people.  She knows how to:

  • Create an intriguing headline
  • Write compelling copy
  • Place summarizing subheads and text boxes
  • Fill a page with enough keywords to please the gods of google – without becoming irrelevant to a human reader…
  • Make space for graphics and call-to-action buttons
  • Incorporate videos and write scripts for those videos…
  • Create A/B split tests
  • Track results and optimize pages…
  • Hold fast with interesting newsletters and blog articles

Imagine a web page with no writing at all – no SEO keywords…no point…no purpose…no value…

Now imagine a page filled with text that is highly informative – but badly organized and mind-numbing at one glance.

Online copywriting knows when a single page needs text – or no text.  It tells us how to organize your information for real people, and still rank you in search engine results.

Web writing is – or should be – the very heart of your marketing efforts.  Contact us for even more information.

Graphic Design

Of course – your written text may be the most important part of your online marketing presence.  But it means nothing if it can’t be read.

Smoothly designed, user-friendly webpages need to work together visually as well as conceptually.

Fitz’n’Jammer believe in clarifying passion to create engagement.  Which is why we felt it was so important to include graphic design in our package of services.

If people can’t get what they want out of your copy – then you are just wasting your valuable time and resources.  And every web visitor’s needs are going to be different.

Some people are what seasoned copywriter’s refer to as a “Diligent Dan.”  These are the visitors that will take their time.  They will read every word on the pages that interest them.  They will take the time to study pictures and watch videos.  They will start at the beginning and finish at the end.

Other visitors are more like “Speedy Sam.”  Speedy will just skim a page.  He wants to know if he’s vaguely interested.  He will read inside the magical Golden F…and he may not read all of that.

A good graphic design program will ensure that not only is your copy fresh, relevant, helpful, and interesting – it is also easy to pick your path.

Graphic design ensures that the most important parts are highlighted and strategically placed.  Designed to be read, or skimmed.  Designed to draw the eye down to the click through button that you need pressed.

And who knows?  Maybe the right graphic design program will even encourage more reading in some of your visitors.

Graphic design also means that visually your text is:

  • Instantly appealing
  • Easy to read
  • Compelling but easy to skim
Leiajoy also designs custom logos and will clean up photos that you may already have to a professional quality.

Graphic design makes call-to-action buttons more “clickable.”  Graphic design makes sure that photos aren’t overwhelming, but rather well-placed and enhancing to the entire picture.


Graphic design…

…You need it…

…We have it!


People are attracted to images.  Especially to beautiful images.

Images that are sharp, clear, bright and useful. 

Photography is an art-form all on its own, and despite the myriad of companies on the web today that provide stock photography – your website and social media campaigns might be calling out for something original.

Since you’re here already…why not? 

Suzanna is a photographer in her spare time.  And by that we mean that she has thousands and thousands of original and beautiful pictures in her digital storage files. 

She loves providing pictures that enhance the perfect web page.  Something unique, original, beautiful.  Something that will be so much more special than something purchased in a mass subscription.  Something that will say – with a thousand unsaid words – that you are special.

Clarity Engagement Marketing

Fitz’n’Jammer: Online Marketing and Design is dedicated to taking you to the next level in your marketing presence.

We believe that you need more exposure.  We believe that you have a very special message, and very unique ways of saying it. 

We believe that people want to hear what you are saying – they just want to hear it their way.

Fitz’n’Jammer will convert your passion, imagination, creativity, and hope into a solid business plan.

Ready to Attract Attention?