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Swift and Elegant Service – Your Marketing Will Fly Like a Bird

The troika sled, also known as a troika-bird, was first used in early Russia to deliver the mail through the hostile Siberian Steppes.  Unlike almost any other conveyance it used three horses, harnessed abreast, to reach speeds of 45–50 kilometers per hour (28–31 mph).

This made it one of the fastest and most effective land vehicles of its time (17th – 19th centuries). 

At Fitz’n’Jamm
ers we apply that same kind of elegance, speed and cutting edge ingenuity to help you:

  • Gray Wing Geese DSC_0125Market your company and products on a professional level
  • Sell with greater, automated ease
  • Present a pristine, original face to the world
  • All prepared for public consumption by a graphic designer


Like the express mail of centuries ago we take deadlines very seriously; we are completely dedicated to turning in positive, polished pieces (and that’s the rough draft!).  Unlike many other copywriters we choose to focus largely on positive emotions: benevolence, hope, joy and love…

Your Marketing is in Safe Hands

Whether we’re writing direct response packages for the arts & crafts industry or pages for your all-important publishing website, (or creating a custom logo), you can rest assured that we will give your project 120% of our effort. 

Suzanna Offers:

Home Page Content: SEO and Sales-Conversion Oriented  

Category Page Update: SEO and Sales-Conversion Oriented

New Page: SEO & Sales-Conversion Oriented  

Press Releases

Book Jackets  

Video Scripts




Carol offers:

Direct-mail Lead Generation PackagesQuilts of Spring 2015 safe hands (111)

Catalogue Entries



Leiajoy adds:

Practical Graphic Design

Legible and “Reading-Tested” Copy

& she offers:

Custom Logos

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