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The Steppe Version of the Pony Express

The blinding white glare rising off the stretching wilds of the Russian steppes lifts for but a moment. 

A dark shape is visible in the distance, moving like a fast, low-flying bird across the treacherous, arctic terrain.

It is a troika, the 17th-century-Russian-Steppe version of the pony express.  Three horses are spread out in front, their necks arched proudly.  Running at full speed, just around 30 mph, the troika is taking the mail up into the far reaches of the Russian Empire.

Bells jingle merrily, warning any soul standing in their path that the swift flying troika-bird is coming through.  The specially trained, muscle-bound driver keeps his horses moving smoothly, watching the landscape around.

Wolves or bandits could be anywhere – but the mail stops for no one and nothing. troika express engagement marketing

Many people stop and blink when they see Fitz’n’Jammer’s logo.  Why a troika?  (Well, for that matter, why big cats


“A Three-Strand Cord is Not Easily Broken”

An old maxim, but very true.  Sets of three are stronger.  Braided cord, ideals, teams of horses, and people, too.

And that’s what we’re all about here at Fitz’n’Jammer. 

In fact, we invite you to think of us as a ready-to-go troika.  We have the research, the knowledge, and the drive to help you succeed in the tricky world of online marketing – and succeed quickly!

Fitz’n’Jammer Troika Comparison Table


The troika was developed to:



Fitz’n’Jammer is designed to:

Deal with some of the wildest and harshest country on earth


Help you deal with the rough and treacherous terrain of marketing on the worldwide web

Be one of the fastest land conveyances, without the use of an internal combustion engine, ever created

Help you succeed as quickly as possible using teamwork, message, and experience

Give its passengers a fair chance of surviving the infamous attacks by hungry packs of wolves

Give you the best chance possible of surviving the hazards and making it to your ultimate, best destination


Along the way the troika also became a vehicle of extreme grace and beauty.  It quickly became a common means of conveyance in the rough Steppe wilderness. 

Closer to the Russian heartland it became a vehicle of the rich and famous. Young aristocrats took to racing them, and the simple lines of the troika and three horses were quickly covered with elaborate and gorgeous decorations.

It took special skills to drive a troika effectively, and the drivers were subsequently deeply admired and respected.

Our Sets of Three

Fitz’n’Jammer has many teams of three. 

  • Three services
  • Three parts to our message
  • Three definitions of the companies we serve
  • Three cats in our logo …

…There are even three parts in our name. 

We understand that marketing is a special vehicle.  It takes special skills and drive in order to fly smoothly towards its final destination.

How We Work


Step 1 

We talk to you and find out what you need.  This all begins when you contact us, so of course urge you to do this as soon as possible.

What we want to know during this first conversation is…

…What are your best results?

We need to understand:

  • Who you are…
  • What you do…
  • And why you do it…

Then we’ll want to know:

  • Who is your target audience…?
  • What successes have you already had…?
  • Where do you know you’re weakest…?
  • What marketing strategy do you most want to pursue…?

Step 2

We critically analyze your website (or newsletter/social media connections/blog) and find where it is already strong, and where it needs some work.

Here’s where it gets real.  We guarantee our honesty. 

We will tell you exactly what we think, and our analysis will be hard hitting and in-depth.  We’ll find every good point, every negative point, and try to come up with bridges to fix the gaps. 

Step 3

We come up with a plan of action.

Wherever you want to start the changes needed to create a clarity engagement marketing campaign.  We start with that webpage, or that blog post, or that idea.

  • We estimate how much work is needed, and how long it will take…
  • We formulate a reasonable deadline…
  • We create a line-item estimate (generally accurate to a penny of the final cost)…
    1. Fitz’n’Jammer requires 50% of the estimated price at the beginning of every project.

This is usually where it will get a little scary for clients – and we’re not going to lie.

An engagement marketing campaign won’t be cheap.  Web writing, designing, and photography are all unique and valuable skills…working together they are a powerhouse team that can take your business to the next level

So this is our question for you:

What if your online presence was working harder for you?

Would it be worthwhile if your posts were attracting more attention?  If your homepage was generating click-throughs?  If your sales pages were actually selling?

If the answer is yes, then finding out how much it’s likely to actually cost is FREE.  We don’t charge a penny for giving you an estimate.  And our quote will include estimated value.  So you know exactly what you’ll be paying for, and why.

Step 4

We begin work.

Depending upon what needs to be done this might take a while.  But you’ll already have your deadlines in your hand…so you won’t be waiting forever.

During this process we’ll keep you in the loop.  Engagement is all about communicating, and you’ll find that we’re big on that.

You’ll see our ideas – and give us your input.  You’ll see drafts, and you’ll see the revisions.  If, for some reason, a deadline becomes unworkable, you’ll be notified well in advance. 

Step 5

We finish.

You approve everything, we touch up the last little elements – and it’s all yours.  (At this point we would love a testimonial.)

We will also put up a few samples of our work for you on our pages, with backlinks to your website – of course.

Step 6

Then we follow up.

Fitz’n’Jammer won’t just leave you twisting in the wind.  We genuinely care about our clients, and we want you to have the very best results possibly.

Included in your line-item estimate there will be a cost for follow-ups, or we can renegotiate.  But these all-important follow-ups include:

  • A/B split testing for optimization…
  • Newsletters and blog posts for continued engagement…
  • And we stay in touch with you – just in case you need us again in the future…

Ready to Attract Attention?