The Fitzgerald Sisters’ LOVE Unique Stories…

And We Want Everyone to Fall in Love with YOURS!

You need your story to stand out from the crowd.  As gals who tend to stick out no matter what, we totally get it! Honestly, when two sisters are each over 6 feet tall…blending in is kind of impossible.

Standing head-and-shoulders above the group has taught us that you always need a powerful “X-Factor” if you want to make an impression – especially in business.

Getting your story to make that powerful impression, and more importantly building that initial attraction into a loyal community of clients/customers is the great work of marketing.  Especially in today’s crowded and increasingly LOUD online world.

Suzanna & Leiajoy Fitzgerald "The Girls" From Fitz'n'Jammer Marketing by Listening
Suzanna – award-winning copywriter – in blue
Leiajoy – idea-driven graphic designer – in orange

Your story is special not because it’s the same, but because it’s different.  We can’t wait for you to tell us about it!

We’re the Perfect Choice to X-Factorize Your Online Story Because We Grew Up Without Internet Access!

Our appreciation of uniquely powerful stories began when we were being homeschooled K-12, in the middle of a cattle ranch, 5 miles down a dirt road in the lonesome wilds of Arizona. Out there we learned the value of family, hard work, old pickups, duct tape, self-reliance, and above all else:

copywriting and strategist testimonial from Ally Lohman
  1. How to learn
  2. How to really listen
  3. How to fall in love with and tell a great story

So when The Fitzgerald Family upped our dryland anchors and moved to Colorado, we were instantly fascinated by the amazing opportunities that the internet presented. 

Being the overachieving homeschoolers that we are, we instantly started several home businesses:

  • Suzanna began publishing her fantasy novels
  • Our mom launched a quilting business
  • We created a website for the Arizona ranch

Eventually, we discovered that the marketing we needed for our businesses was something that a lot of other amazing companies really struggled with. People are way too busy, and no one wants to take the time to really listen (which insults our trained-to-pay-attention souls!)

Obviously it was time to start another business, specializing in this amazing thing we’d just discovered…

…Using digital copywriting to professionally share stories that create communities.

A business our mom named “Fitz’n’Jammer LLC” because – while as sisters we’re usually able to mesh our various talents and ideas flawlessly to create a more perfect whole – we couldn’t agree on a business name. Apparently, once upon a time, the doctor would give our mom ultrasound pictures of us, and we’d be named “Fitz’n’Jammer #1,2,3.”

Fitz'n'Jammer Testimonial for Suzanna Fitzgerald from Elizabeth Blessing

When We’re Not in the Office

You’ll find us out on an adventure. Since Suzanna’s #1 non-writing hobby is photography we use that as an excuse to go traveling and take great pictures. It also gives Leiajoy an excuse to use her passion for fantasy make up, since when we’re not traveling the western United States, we’re out turning some Colorado backroad into a magical landscape.

Suzanna "The Challenge Queen" Fitzgerald @ Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park

Suzanna “The Challenge Queen” Fitzgerald

A very happy client nicknamed me “The Spec Queen,” because I was consistently winning sales challenges for them.

I changed it to “The Challenge Queen” because overcoming challenges is what I do:

  • changing from writing full-length high fantasy novels to starting a digital copywriting company
  • overcoming 11 years of chronic migraine headache
  • or (after 20 years) finally making it to see Old Faithful in Yellowstone!
beautiful creative make up art face

Leiajoy (lay-ah-joy) Fitzgerald

When most people fail to plan, they plan to fail. When a homeschooler fails to plan…they join their big sister’s latest business.

There I was, late high school, too shy to waitress for the summer.

Somehow the next logical step was becoming the graphic design partner in Fitz’n’Jammer…even though I HATE page layout.

Six years in I still love specializing in custom logos, digital photo enhancement, and video editing.

Your Story Comes Alive Here!

If you’re ready to find out how we can use our unique visual and persuasion based storytelling to transform your audience into a loyal, passionate community that’ll help you grow your business, please:

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