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Would it help if these pages worked hard for you…?

These are the projects that will bring you the greatest return for your investment:

  • Homepages
  • Secondary Pages (FAQs, About pages, evergreen articles)
  • Sales & Subscriptions
  • Newsletters

The following samples were done as part of a training and critique group.  Each sample has a list of the positive comments made – as well as the analysis of fellow well-trained copywriters.  (Which is why some names will appear more than once.)

All editing done was to remove personal comments, inter-group ‘chatting’, and various critiquing that was rendered irrelevant by later editing and redoing. 

*Professional Courtesy Disclaimers

 I claim no ownership of any images or graphics that were used from any online or creative contents libraries.

All projects are meant solely as samples – they are not affiliated with any existing companies and/or websites.

All comments – positive or negative – are solely to showcase Fitz’n’Jammer skills and are not intended to reflect upon the original company. 

homepage revamp clarity engagement
Publishing Website Homepage Example



user friendly website analysis
Publishing Website Homepage Analysis



encyclopedia sales page
Sales/Product Page Example



quilt artwork secondary page revamp
Secondary Product Page Revamp Example


customer communication engagement newsletter
B2B Newsletter Example



photo printing email set custom relationships
Customer Interaction Email Examples



gourmet cooking recipe article
Website Content Page



persuasive sales copy product page description
Direct Response Sales Page


Blogging & Articles

SEO blogging article - card trick article
The Magic Queens
SEO Travel blog - Country differences article
Spain Isn’t Canada










SEO Blogging Article - online money
What You Need to Know About Real Money in Online Gaming
teach history training blog
How to Teach History










vegan food blog/ guacamole
Fresh and Spicy Guacamole
classic game night playlist blog article
Top 5 songs for a Game Night


















Nick Usborne calls this kind of writing ‘popcorn content.’  It is what keeps your site fresh, active, and interesting. 

Most of the articles listed are published – you can find the links to the pages inside the sample documents. 

E- Commerce


luxury fabric art items and writing samples
Lilies of Grace
Scenic Southwestern horse and windmill queen quilt
Home Pastures Horse Quilt
Romantic western silhouette cowboy panel
The Cowboy and His Lady












Caribbean ocean colored king quilt
Twilight Tide Quilt



blue and silver round star table topper
Night Star Table Topper
Bargello heart blue and yellow mosaic
A Different Kind of ‘I Love You’












mother goose inspired sparkly baby quilt
Milky Way Baby Quilt


These come from a shop on (Lilies of Grace) that I have managed and written for over the past two years.  These pages are also known as product pages and/or sales pages. 

They are deeply important for motivation your customers from the “interested” stage to the “purchasing” stage. 

What People Have to Say About Our Customer Service

AWAI Direct Response Samples

dog treats sales letter direct response sample
Puptastic Naturals – Direct Response Sales Letter




May Palace – Letter for a Local Restaurant
Budget Braniacs – Direct Response Sales Letter


Take Action – Cause Copywriting

Graphic Design

troika sled and big cats clarity engagement marketing
Fitz’n’Jammer Original Logo


graphic tiger for strength and power
Tiger – Online Copwriting


Online Copywriting


Freelance power




graphic leopard for cleverness and flow
Leopard – Graphic Design


Graphic Design

Clever planning

Graceful flow and presentation







graphic lion for attractive team spirit
Lion – Photography




Overall attractiveness

Dedication to team spirit











four-legged stool of clarity marketing infographic
Marketing Inforgraphic


flying snake symbolic graphic design
Custom Sci-Fi Novel Illustration & T-shirt Design
robot head original graphic design
Custom Sci-Fi Novel Illustration & T-shirt Design


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