Real Estate Client Spotlight: “Cheap Rent in Dallas”

Welcome to the Client Spotlight, where we celebrate the latest publications that Fitz’n’Jammer has helped make possible! Today we’re happy to share an article written by our content writer Suzanna “The Challenge Queen” for Affordable Housing Tips.

In addition to telling people where they can find cheap rent in Dallas, this article also worked to build the Affordable Housing Tips brand and attract new readers by:

Striving to provide a great user experience for the human reader

When you go to answer a question like, “where can I find cheap rent in Dallas, Texas?” you’ll need to focus in on everything that might be important to someone asking that question. Not just the “cheap” concept, which is a powerful buzz word, but also:

  • available quality of life
  • accompanying opportunities,
  • and some pertinent and interesting details

Built around a very popular SEO key-phrase

Dallas is a popular destination right now. Which means the housing market is more competitive. Which means that people are asking questions of Google as to where cheap rent in Dallas may be found. Or even if it’s to be found, and what that looks like in relation to the rest of the country. All of which helps position this article to rank on page one of Google.

Uses a lively, conversational tone to enhance the Affordable Housing Tips brand

Everybody wants a simple answer to a simple question. But no one wants to be bored by a machine. So the article was written using a very real human tone. The style was conversational, and the facts (while well-researched) were interesting. This article talks about where cheap rent in Dallas will put you next to outdoor adventures, fine-dining, and good job opportunities.

Fitz'n'Jammer Client Spotlight: What if Your Blog Read Like This? Affordable Housing Tips has a brand-new article live, an article that was: carefully designed to help the human reader, built around a very popular SEO key-phrase, and uses a lively, conversational tone to enhance the Affordable Housing Tips brand and core message

What if Your Article Read Like Cheap Rent in Dallas” Does?

Would you like to see your article laid out with this level of thoughtfulness and technical know-how? Would you like to rent on the first page of Google for your version of “cheap rent in Dallas?”

If so, send us an email and let us know!

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