Success (Part 3)!

Awesome-sauce!  You’re completely subscribed, absolutely confirmed, and officially a member of Fitz’n’Jammer’s “Marketing by Listening” success culture.

A final email is on the way to your inbox with some gifts and goodies.

Make sure to look for that email

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For you Gmail Users, Google sometimes doesn’t believe that you know your own mind, and they’ll keep re-routing emails you really want to see to places like SPAM and the promotions folder. 

I’d be super-grateful if you rescue your Welcome Email!

If it’s in SPAM, you can mark it as “Not SPAM,” and then star it.  You should only have to do this once, because it signals that you consider your ability to succeed in marketing to be important.

If it’s in the Promotions tab, you can drag it into your main inbox, and then let the Google Gods know that – yes, this is a permanent choice!

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For Apple Users, find the email address and “Add to V.I.P. contacts.” 

WOW! What a lot of work!

I think I owe you a treat! 

It can be a bit of effort to get officially subscribed, confirmed, and get your newsletters coming where you’ll actually see them – and I’m super happy that you took all that time to make sure that you can fully benefit from Marketing by Listening.

So, in addition to the goodies that are probably already in your inbox – here’s a video with some great starting points to marketing success!

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