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Clarity Engagement Marketing

“Attract and hold fast the attention of your website visitors and potential customers.”


The Bad News…

Let’s face it – attention is a fleeting and fickle thing in today’s world of instant web access and a hundred thousand distractions. 

Being able to attract attention…and hold it is not only a necessity – it might be the difference between success and failure in the online aspects of your business.

Creating engaging copy, smooth web pages, and tracking the results, is both an art and a science.


The Good News…

…Is that you have found a company that specializes in that singular, vital skill.

We write the web pages that you need.  We write the copy, the headlines, as well as the sales and subscriptions pages; which will drive click through conversion rates.


Your Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan is simple.

  1. Put out only the necessary energy
  2. Pull in the greatest possible results

Engagement, or inbound, marketing is the best way to achieve that goal – especially online.

Be clear…be engaging…

Market Yourself Online

Who We Serve

You are B2C creative companies.
Creative companies create, market, and sell products or services that:
• Create Beauty
• Excite the Imagination
• Inspire Greatness
As you can guess, a lot of businesses fit into this category. Some of them are:
• Books
• TV or Movies
• Video Games
• Cooking
• Photography
• Music
• Beauty and Fashion
• Cosmetics
• History (we mean the story kind of history; legends, lore, men and women who were interesting!)
• Arts & Crafts
• And many more…
If you don’t see your business category on the list, please contact us. We will be glad to give it a think.
Maybe you do: excite the imagination, inspire greatness, or create beauty – and we just haven’t thought of it that way.
And, of course, if you are just an exceptional company who really has a heart for your customers and a need for clarity engagement marketing – contact us. Creativity means making exceptions to the rule.

Ready for Attention?