Welcome to 2017!

Welcome back to my blog.  I have been crazy busy doing start up work this month, and haven’t had any chance to blog!  Sorry about that.

Thanks for reading again…and here are the updates for 2017.

  1. Website Revamp – That’s right, Fitz’n’Jammer is about to undergo some drastic changes!  It’s about time, around eight months, I think, and I’m getting ready to redo most of the content on the site.  New pictures, pages, content, details, and even some videos.  (Good Lord willing and the camera works, I should say.)
  2. Gone Social – you can now get in touch with me via Facebook or LinkedIn.  I hope to see you there, I love hearing from anybody who’s seen my website.
  3. Open comments –  Please reach out in the comments section below or on my Contact page and let me know what you think of the website as is.  Do you have questions, comments, suggestions?  I’d like to hear them all.  If you want something to stay, or would like to see something added/changed, let me know before the end of February.
  4. Deadline – End of February.  That’s right, I’m hopeful that by the end of February you will be seeing the new Fitz’n’Jammer site in all its glory.  But we’ll see.  The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.

See you soon – hopefully back on schedule.

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