Welcome: Fitz’n’Jammer New Website!

We are excited to open our new website, making our copywriting services available directly to you!  First, a quick hello from each of us.

Hi, we are very pleased to be offering newer, faster, more effective copy at reasonable rates.  We are here to serve your needs and increase your revenue in the sales market, or traffic to your website.  (As dedicated novel readers we will also share new and fun book jackets as well.)  Like the troika that represents our shop the team members of Fitz’n’Jammer are dedicated to giving you the best marketing returns possible.  I hope to be working with you soon.”


Suzanna (web writer, photographer)”

Greetings to all earthlings.  I can’t wait to get started on your graphic design.  I love playing with colors, shades and shapes – making things look the very best that it possibly can.  Like a leopard, proud of its unique spots.” 


Leiajoy (graphic designer)

I am pleased to meet you.  As a former teacher, lifelong student, and true enjoyer of the arts I am proud to be offering copywriting for these walks in life.  I mostly focus on arts and crafts – check out our blog for special DIY tips and tricks for quilters, applique projects, and fabric art design.”


Carol (direct response copywriter)

Our Troika Express Blog is dedicated to bringing you new and up-to-date info and tips from our different areas of expertise.  Carol will show you quilting and sewing tricks, Suzanna will bring you tips on how to enhance your writing, both for fun and for business, and Leiajoy will share her love of design.

There will also just be fun stuff, and a few posts written solely to enhance our favorite pictures and projects.  Please contact us and tell us which posts you find most useful/entertaining and how we can improve to better serve you!

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4 thoughts on “Welcome: Fitz’n’Jammer New Website!”

  1. Congratulations on your new endeavor. Suzanna, you and your family are given to hard work and precision–each with individual skills to enhance this work. I wish you well. Janelle Wootton McQuitty

    • Hopefully by next week my blog will be updated every week. I hope to keep my website updated every month. Been slow going, getting enough content up to snuff. Thanks for hanging in there!


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